Yoga Barre

Cardio Intervals, Muscle Sculpting, and Yoga Stretching. YogaBar(re) is a great complement to your Yoga practice and 60 minutes of serious FUN! An engaging high intensity, low impact total body workout that will lift your seat, tighten your thighs and sculpt your shoulders and calves in record time. This Lotte Berk-inspired class is a unique fusion of Yoga, Ballet, Pilates and muscle sculpting – each section of the class will shape your body and stabilize your joints. Although the class is challenging, no matter your size, age, gender or ability, the instructor is able to offer modifications for a safe, efficient and effective workout. Never boring, always fun – and never the same class twice! Releve, Plié, Lift, Shimmy, Shake and Pulse. You’ve got this!