All Levels Yoga

Most of the classes at the Yoga Tree of Boise are all levels. This means the class has a range of experience from the beginner to the experienced practitioner and everyone is welcome. Our experienced instructors teach to who arrives. Come enjoy the different teaching styles and find a class that fits your full body, mind, and spirit. Each instructor brings their own unique style including gentle yoga, power yoga, vinyasa flow, estatic dance, strength building, flexibility, restoration, and meditation.

This class will be appropriate for whoever shows up on that particular night. It will play with vinyasa if that’s what seems to be called for, or focus on deliberate, centered movement when that’s the ticket. An element of pranayama will be added to each class – focused breathing to bring our awareness to the core of ourselves. Self awareness, self transformation, and self realization, served up with a sense of humor and empathy. Hope to see you there!